69 comments on “Lightroom ‘300 Presets’ ROCKS!

  1. Hey man! First sorry for my english I don’t speak it very well I’m french. I just want to say you a big thank you! And the poeple like you who give so much for the other poeple. Do you understand what I say ? Lmao. JUst thank you so much!

  2. Oh my god, you wrote that preset? I totally TOTALLY love it. It is one of my very favorites. Thank you so much.

    This is my most popular image right now with that preset. Funny enough it isn’t even one that made my photoblog.

    Clouds and Planes (1)

  3. I love the filter. Shots taken with Canon 30D+ 24-70L.

    This filter perfectly capture the emotional intensity of the environment.

  4. hi ken and andrew! thanks for providing your photos with the presets! great pictures!

    Andrew – I just posted a link to the 300 presets in my blog. Enjoy!

  5. Mike, 300 is a killer preset many many many thanks!!!!!! some pictures on my website http://www.einarparker.com were treated with your preset. I play around with it and have also cool version of 300 which gives very interesting looks. Your 300 is very often basis for manipulating my photos. I used it on wedding photography with customer walking out happy:)
    Thanks again!

  6. hey josh/einar – thanks for the kind words and i’m glad you like the preset! it’s always very humbling to get comments like these.

    einar – i’m very happy to know that your customers are happy with the effect!

  7. man rocks dude keep rocking like this and thansk for sharing buddy …cool thanks a lot ..have a great life ……..

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  9. If presetting is art, you must be van Gogh!

    300 is da bomb..

    Thanks and Fr.Regs. from Rotterdam,


  10. Mike… I downloaded the preset from Inside Lightroom ages ago and have been putting it to use, but it was only when someone else asked me about it that I thought to look up more about who created it. I’ve used both the preset in its “standard” settings, as well as a bit modified with less vignette (and sometimes toning down the split tone a wee bit).

    I was going to list some URLs, but if you have a look at my photoblog’s gallery at http://photoblog.bridgescreative.com , you’ll undoubtedly be able to pick out the ones using your preset as the basis.

    So thanks so much for the great work on this.

  11. Hey Jim –

    It’s so nice and humbling to hear these words from people like you. I’m really glad you like the preset and have put it to good use.

    Great photos and yes, I definitely see the 300 effect there. πŸ™‚ Thanks again for dropping by!

    You just made my day! πŸ™‚


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  14. hi there is there any thing like these presets for photoshop? on the macintosh. ive tried searching but still cant seem to find anything. Please hepl this 300 preset looks fantastic.

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  16. is there any presets yet for Photo shop Cs3???? Please help. I really want to do some shots withthis effect.

  17. Thanks for this preset. I live in Amsterdam and this effect is perfect for taking moody shots of the buildings and canals here. Thanks again!!

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  24. Hi Mike, the presets looks awesome. Ive downloaded it by i cant install it in my mac. Can you help me? Cheers!

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  26. Hey Mike – these presets are fantastic, but unfortunately Lightroom 4 kills them. Are you considering upgrading them? Thanks

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