6 comments on “Just When You Think Canon Was Ahead…

  1. *sigh* I’ve been googling for info comparing the D90 and 50D, and your entry here pretty much echoes my sentiments precisely! I don’t know what to do!! 😛 Hopefully Canon issues some kind of response about their plans regarding DSLR video. And we’ll need some more good comparative photo samples between the two. But the video… why, Nikon? Why?!

  2. Lipat na–lipat na–lipat na–lipat na!

    You do know that you can only record 5 minutes max of high-def video on the D90 right? Plus you can’t AF while recording.

    Pero still–lipat na, lipat na, lipat na!

    Excellent Photowalk photos by the way. Looks like you put the recon trip to good use!

  3. hey thebruce – I know! I’m still hoping Canon will release an update to the 5D! Who knows, they might have thought of a video too! Hahaha!

    Arvin – thanks! How was your photowalk? Thanks for going with me to scout the area! That was a lot of help! Lipat na ba? Still too expensive! 😀

  4. my friend thebruce0 so kindly sent me the link to your blog post….

    I’m a dedicated Canon user…. but, if you’re looking to sell your gear gimme a shout! 🙂

    Great post btw, Nikon has serious stepped up to the plate with this video feature… and HD no less. The competition has certainly raised the bar!

  5. Hey Lisa,

    Will let you know if I do end up selling my gear. You’re right though, Nikon raised the bar. Let’s see what Canon has to say. Rumors are flying that the 5D upgrade also has video. 🙂

    Btw, congratulations on getting published! Saw your blog.

    – Mike

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