3 comments on “Surfin’ the Web for Lightroom and CS4

  1. Mike your300 presets is one of the early legends. Way to get out there and give first. I’ll be glad to link directly to your free presets page. 300 usually show up via other sites. Of you want me to add you directly just shoot me the info.

    Take care, and thanks for spreading the word about the preset list.

    Gavin Seim

  2. The download links are not working; at least for me!

    This page takes you to: https://mikelao.wordpress.com/2008/01/09/lightroom-300-presets-download/

    That page takes you to:

    When you download you get the following 4kb file: 300 presets.zip

    When you unzip you get five files:
    .DS Store
    ..DS Store
    300 v1.lrtemplate
    300 v2.lrtemplate

    Now what?

    None of those files open to provide the preset files.

    Thanks in advance.

    running Vista Home Premium
    Lightroom 2.1; PS CS4

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