11 comments on “Camera Raw 5.2 Now Available (calling Lumix LX3 users)

  1. This is great! I just got the LX3 a couple months ago, but have been shooting JPG only until an update came along. Let’s just hope it works with CS3 (Adobe stops supporting it’s previous releases wayyy to quickly).

  2. Looks like I spoke too soon:

    “The Camera Raw 5.2 plug-in is not compatible with versions of Photoshop earlier than Photoshop CS4”

    That’s just terrible. I wish they’d update previous versions to at least support more camera models, rather than limit them to the newest version. I mean, how old is CS3? Seriously?

  3. Thanks Mike & guys..Wow! That’s good news as I only buy cams these days that do raw. I am aware I need to lift my photography to another level,from an art point of view so I don’t want to hide behind excuses that the problem is the software. Now we can hopefully handle raw as a mainstream process,our final output should improve lots. Now I just need to work on the composition and execution of the shots,whilst always looking for new ideas.RockyOne.Australia

  4. awesome. you have to spend £400 on photoshop CS4 to be able to get raw pics from a £300 camera. thanks adobe. thanks panasonic

  5. I need a fix for the lumix lx3 I have photshop cs3 and have no intention of upgrading again to cs4 or to purchase Lightroom 2 . Who will find the fix for camera raw?

    • hey naomi,

      try to download the DNG converter and then convert the .RW2 files of LX3 to DNG. that is, if you want to open the photos in RAW format.

      otherwise, jpg should be fine in photoshop cs3.

      hope this helps!


  6. I don’t want the manufacturers’ “intended rendering”. Distortion correction in LR/ACR is inferior to the one in GIMP with lanczos/sinc interpolation. If I cannot get the real raw data, I don’t want the camera..

  7. I have a Lumix LX3 and Photoshop CS4. I haven’t open any *.rw2 file. It gives an error. Does anyone know what can happen? I even downloaded the Adobe Digital Negative Converter v. and it gives a *dng that is not opened by CS4

  8. If you get the DNG Converter from Adobe and in Prefs change the Raw to version 4.6 it will open the Lumix LX3 files as DNG’s perfectly to open in CS3 and you have beaten the system.

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