32 comments on “Sign-up for the Manila Photowalk!

  1. What about keeping it simple–like a a morning walk through Greenbelt, assuming Ayala will allow us? Or the American Cemetery in the Fort?

    On the other end, what about making it interesting–like a loop of the following areas using the MRT/LRT system: Baclaran, Hidalgo, Cubao. Or, a school campus like UP Diliman?

  2. Hi Mike,

    I have just signed up and look forward to meeting you. Are you the same guy who from time to time leaves comments at David duChemin’s blog? I’m a great fan of David and met him in person last Jan here in Bangkok together with Matt Brandon.


    • Hey Florian,

      Yes, I am the one leaving comments ad David’s blog. I actually bought a signed copy of his new book too! Wow, it’s great to know that you met him in Bangkok last time. Did you join his seminar?

      Looking forward to meeting you too!


  3. Hi Mike,

    Im looking for the Photowalk manila, in DPP and i cant find it, i just recently sign up and my gf, can you confirm if i got the slot for Manila leg?


    Joel G.

  4. He and Matt are good friends with my photography teacher (Gavin Gough). He was in Bangkok then when he was shooting for the WTF book (came from Nepal and then traveling to Vietnam). All 3 guys are so passionate about photography and very humble.

    I bought the book too from Amazon and waiting for it to be delivered to Manila 🙂

    See you on July 18!

    • Hey Florian, I got my copy already and it’s great! I have not finished the whole book yet but I plan to finish it this weekend. David has a lot of great images on his book.

      Wow, you’re lucky that you were able to meet them!

      See you soon!

    • Hey Erick – sorry, the walk is closed. Check the worldwidephotowalk site in case another slot opens up in Manila

  5. Hey Mike,

    I was wondering if you could confirm if I got into the list? Just want to make sure as I don’t want to miss this again like I did last year. By the way would this be in the morning? 🙂


    PJ E.

  6. Wow, that went fast. It’s only been three days and registration’s already closed. And I only found out about the Photowalk this morning. Sigh. Maybe next year. Sounds like great fun.

    • Hey PJ,

      Thanks for the question. It won’t overlap with my photowalk 🙂 Don’t worry!

      Btw, thanks for letting me know that there are other walks. I’m glad that there are more walks here in the Philippines! 🙂

  7. I noticed of all the walks, there’s none that covered the train routes (MRT, LRT1/LRT2). I wonder if it’d be a nice photowalk for it. I’d like to suggest this one as well.

    BTW, I’m in this photowalk group! I’ll be there on the 18th of July

    • drat, there’s no edit reply. I forgot to add, where’s the meet-up and will we be having a post-shoot briefing?

  8. MIke,

    Any Idea if this will be a morning or afternoon shoot? Morning might be good so its not too hot to shoot then we can wrap up with a nice lunch somewhere. 🙂 Just a Suggestion


  9. Hi Mike, what time will the photowalk start? Baka kasi magkaroon ng conflict sa time 😦 and I’ll backout as early as possible kung magkaconflict to give other photographers the chance to join your photowalk. Thanks.

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